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Go to MartVill Dashboard > Configuration > Orders from the sidebar. Then Two settings will be there to configure, Options and Status.


Go to Options.

  • Order Prefix: this will be used as order number prefix. Order number will start using the value entered here.
  • Refund: enable this option, so that customer can send refund request. And Customer can not be able to make refund request, if this option is disabled.


Go to Status and Click on New Status to add new status for orders.

  • Name use for the name of the status
  • Role is given that which user in the system can change or edit the status.
  • Color is used for the status color. This color will be visible at admin and vendor dashboard where order statistics are shown with order status.
  • Order By indicates the serial of the statuses. Lowest numbers are in high priority and higher numbers are the lowest priority.
  • Pay Scenario This indicates that which status will be shown in which scenario. Two pay scenarios are there, one is paid and another is unpaid.
    If a status has Paid scenario then that status will be visible in the order details page after customer payment is done. Similarly, If a status has Unpaid scenario then that status will be visible in the order details page when customer does not complete the payment.
  • Default is used as the first status for order. when an order is received, its order status will start with the default status, even if default status has low priority than others. Other statuses will continue after the default status according to their priority.

Primary/Core Statuses:

  • Pending Payment: Order received but payment is pending. It is in unpaid scenario.
  • Failed: if order is unable to proceed, admin and vendor decides use of the status when order is unpaid.
  • Processing: When Payment is done and order is received and Admin or vendor is getting the products ready this status is used. It is in paid scenario.
  • Completed: When order is delivered and full processing is done then the complete status will be used. Once status is completed, status can not be changed.
  • On Hold: Keeping the order on hold for any reason. Admin or vendor decides to use the status when its in unpaid scenario.
  • Cancelled: When the payment is not completed, admin and vendor can cancel the order.
  • Refunded: When order is fully refunded, Admin or vendor changes the refund status.

Primary/Core status can not be deleted but can be edited.