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Website Setup

All Sliders

1. Go to Website Setup->All Sliders from the sidebar. An existing slider list will appear.
2. Click on Add Slider to add new slider.

3. Fill the sections and click to the next to fill up the next sections. End of the section of settings click on Save changes.

If status is enable, then the slide will show.

Image and Button

  • Upload Image for slider.
  • Fill up the Button Title and Button Link field to choose where the Button should be seen.
  • Select the position, Left,Center or Right for the Button Alignment.
  • If Open In New Window is enable, then the Button link will open in a new window.
  • After change, click on next button for next page.


Customer view

  • Fill up the Title field for slider title.
  • Select Text Size and Text Color for title.
  • For the Button Alignment, Select Left,Center or Right position.
  • Select the Animation field to choose how title should be seen.
  • Put value for Delay to fix time when the title will be arrived.
  • After change, click on next button for next page.


This fields are same as Title.


This fields are same as Title.

Add Slide

  • You can add more slide by clicking on + button.

Editing and Deleting

  • By clicking on Edit and Delete icon, Sliders can be edited and deleted.