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Go to MartVill Dashboard > Configuration > Accounts from the sidebar. Then Six settings will be there to configure, Options, Single Sign-On, User Verification, Password Strength, Role, Permissions.


Go to options, here two options are available.

  • Customer Signup: Enable this option to allow customer registration from website.
  • Vendor Signup: Enable this option to allow vendor registration from website.

SSO Service

Go to SSO service from the sidebar.

To configure Google SSO service, Client ID, Client Secret are needed. Click here to get those credentials.

To configure Facebook SSO service, Client ID, Client Secret are needed. Click here to get those credentials.

User Verification

Go to User Verification.

There are three ways to verify the users-OTP(one time pass), Token and Both(OTP and token). User will be verified during registration in the system with the selected verification way.

Password Strength

Go to Password Strength.

While creating a password, password strength will be determined by the activation of any of the options here. Activate any of the options and change the minimum password length according to your preference and Click on Save to save the changes.



Go to Permissions.

Every functional activity access can be determined by Admin. Admin can access every thing in the system. His/her permission to access any activity can not be changed. But admin can change vendors and customers access permission accordingly.

Here, Cross(X) indicates permission denied and Tick mark(✓) indicates permission accepted.

If new activity/module is added to the system then Click Generate Permission to generate the access permission for that activity/module. And permission can also be searched.