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Adding Attribute

  • Go to MartVill Dashboard > Products > Attributes and Click on Add Attribute

  • Fill-up the form with Name of the attribute. Set the Status for attribute and add a Description. Entering 'Color' as name of the attribute and setting status as Active

  • To add value to the attribute, click Attribute Values and enter a value to the attribute. Entering 'Blue' as value

  • To add new value click on New. Another section will show to enter second value. You can enter as much value as you need.

  • If you need to delete a value, click on Delete icon.

  • Click Create to Save the attribute with its values.

Delete and Edit Attributes

  • To Delete or Edit an attribute. Go to Attribute list and Click Edit icon to Edit and Delete icon to Delete the attribute.

The attributes which are added/created from here are consider as Global Attribute